"The right partner in an ever changing insurance world"



Scope of Services

        Our agency offers an array of services, which any client should expect from any professional insurance consultant, agent or broker.


           We work with you to evaluate your benefit needs                                                                      Consult wih Individuals, Employers                        

             Communicate in detail benefits available in the marketplace                                                Provide cost effective proposals                                   

             Make specific recommendations and customize plans                                                          Full benefit package implementation

             Review your current plan annually to update coverage and limit costs                                Enrollment Assistance                           

             Serve as your advocate with insurance carriers, claims service and regulations                     Claim review, analysis and utilization

             Help you as a business to communicate your benefit package to employees                      Support for Individual claims and benefit questions

             Work closely with Human Resource and assist employees                                                  Dedicated team for Individual, Employer and Employee questions

             Provide locate and personal face to face service and support                                                Assist with COBRA and HIPAA administration  

             Annual Renewal Reciew and carrier negotions                                                                       Retirement transition with Medicare and Retiree Coverage



Group Benefit Systems, Inc.


Why do we make a difference to our customers?

First and foremost, our office is local and we are avialable to our clients.  I am very proud to say, that all the employees at Group Benefit Systems, pride themselves in service before, during and after the implemention of any plan.  In particular, the greatest value we can offer our clients is service after implementation.  We serve as a resource for individuals, employers and their employees.  In support of our client our dedicated team is avialable to solve a variety of issues, from helping you select the best plan, to the resolution of claims, eligibility, authorization for services and/or billing resolutions with our carriers.  We often offer educational seminars on subjects such as Health Care Reform, the Affordable Care Act, and the ABC's of Medicare, as well as, carrier sponsored educational events. 

Our dedicated team puts clients first and they can depend on us at GBS, to offer a competitive and cost effective benefit package.  Also, you can expect GBS to provide you with the most up to date marketing ideas and benefit packages in the marketplace.


As our industry continues to change daily with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that was implemented March 23, 2010 and is producing the largest changes in the insurance marketplace.  I can assure you GBS remains to be at the forefront of our industry.  As leaders in the community and the insurance industry, our focus is to continue to provide an expanding range of products and services to our customers as we have for the past 28 years.  For 2014 and beyond, we have embraced the opportunity to help many clients qualify for subsidies and enroll with coverage through Healthcare.gov and with participating providers offered on the Affordable Care Act exchange.  Those participating carriers on the exchange are:   Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, Blue Choice Health Plan, Consumers Choice Health Plan and CoventryOne Healthcare of the Carolinas.  I invite you to call us, our dedicated benefit team is waiting to help you with your insurance needs.


                                                                                                                                                                                                               Best Regards,


                                                                                                                                                                                                               Jan DeRosa Easler

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Group Benefit Systems, Inc.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Senior Benefits of South Carolina